School Fundraising

Does your Group or Organization Need to Raise Funds?

At Wally Parr Sausage, we are a family-owned-and-operated company that is dedicated to being an intricate part of the community. Throughout our many years in business, we have helped many sports teams; churches, schools, scouts and other organizations achieve their financial goals. Fundraisers help build teamwork and cooperation within your organization, as well as confidence and people skills.

A well-planned fundraiser increases awareness of your organization, while giving good value to the customer as well as the satisfaction that they’ve helped a good cause. It puts your members’ and your name out into the community. 

The friendly staff at Wall Parr Sausage is proud to offer you quality products and excellent profits for your money. Ready to get started? Give us a call! 
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What is our Recipe for Success?

In today’s health conscious society people are consistently looking for a healthy alternative. Wally Parr Sausages are very LOW IN FAT, with no preservatives or fillers, making them an easy choice for any family. Coupled with our delicious products, we also offer free delivery on any order over 50 boxes, as well as 100 per cent support for exchanges. View our extensive product listing below! 
Fundraising coordinators

The Process

1. Establish your delivery date with our fund raising coordinators and we will determine when your orders need to be in by. (Approx. 2 weeks prior to the delivery date)
2. Determine your fundraising goal and prizing offered to top sellers, and inform participants of the goal to obtain. 

3. Allow participants a minimum of 2 weeks to a maximum of 3 weeks to sell and collect orders. Collect all the final numbers and place onto one order form and scan and email to our office.

4. Approximately 2 weeks later, your order will be delivered!  

Fund Raising Products


5LB Box/16-18 Servings                                         Cost                             Profit

A Honey                                                                  $29.50                         $5.50

B Grandma’s Mild                                                   $29.50                         $5.50

C Grandpa’s Hot                                                     $29.50                         $5.50

D Papa’s Extra Hot                                                 $29.50                         $5.50
7LB Box/24-26 Servings 
N Honey                                                                  $39.50                         $5.50

O Grandma’s Mild                                                   $39.50                         $5.50

P Grandpa’s Hot                                                     $39.50                         $5.50

F Honey Sizzlers                                                    $32.50                         $5.50

G Grandma’s Mild Sizzlers                                     $32.50                         $5.50

4″ Pepperoni Sticks 
M Mild Pepperoni                                                    $19.50                         $3.50

H Hot Pepperoni                                                     $19.50                         $3.50


X 4oz 20 burgers                                                     $37.50                        $2.50

Y 6oz Sirlion 14 burgers                                          $31.00                        $2.50

R Chicken 5LB Box                                                 $42.00                        $2.50

Z 10oz Sirlion 4 steaks                                            $28.00                        $2.50

W Gift Card                                                              $20.00                        $3.00

J 6oz Honey Sausage Burgers 5lb box                   $29.50                        $4.50

K 6oz Mild Sausage Burgers 5lb box                      $29.50                        $4.50
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